7 Helpful Tips To Style Silver Jewelry

 Choosing the right type of jewelry to match your outfit can be tricky. You don’t want to wear something cheap, but you also don't want to get covered with gold from head to toe. Silver jewelry is a perfect solution to this dilemma. Regardless of any occasion, silver jewelry always looks stylish. It is an affordable and versatile jewelry piece that makes a good balance between simplicity and elegance.

However, to get the most out of silver jewelry, you must know how to style it. Selecting the right type of outfit to go with your sterling silver evil eye bracelet can make or break your look. Therefore, you must know how to style the silver jewelry with the outfit to turn heads towards you. If you don't have much idea about styling silver jewelry, we got you covered. Read the article to know styling tips for silver jewelry.  

1- Coordinate The Color Of Outfit With Jewelry 

You should always try to match the silver jewelry with the color of the outfit. For example, the dark shades outfits such as black and navy blue go well with the sterling silver filigree earrings. The black and blue hue of the outfits provides a good contrast that enhances the overall look. Moreover, these colors are acceptable on any occasion. Therefore, you can match your sterling silver stud earrings with outfits of these colors and look stylish. Lastly, you should avoid wearing jewelry with neutral colors as they do not go well with silver. 

2- Opt For Small Patterns 

When pairing silver jewelry with outfits, it's best to opt for minimalistic designs. Any busy or textured patterns on the clothes may take the attention away from jewelry. Therefore, it is best to stick with simple patterns so your sterling silver will always be the statement piece. 

3- Different Style For Different Occasions 

Silver jewelry is widely available in a plethora of styles. For example, you can find silver in a dangle choker necklace, bangle, earrings, or engagement rings. Therefore, it is good to pick the style according to the occasion. For example, try wearing jewelry that stands out for the workday but does not distract the outfit like silver bangles. Likewise, you can afford to be bold by layering several silver jewelry for a nighttime occasion. 

4- Don't Overdo it 

The most common mistake many people make while wearing silver jewelry is overdoing it. Most fashion designers suggest that the focal point of attraction should either be your jewelry or the outfit, but not both. So, if you are wearing a designer printed dress, go for a simple pair of earrings. Similarly, if you are wearing something like a little back dress, you can add a few jewelry pieces to enhance the overall outfit's look. In addition, avoid wearing too much as it may look loud and tacky. 

5- Mix It Up

Layering is a great way to enhance the overall look of any jewelry. You can use layering by wearing several silver jewelries of different lengths, along with matching rings and bracelets. In addition, you can combine the different finishes of the silver with each to create a distinct look. Having a variety of jewelry to wear on different occasions is a great way to create diverse outfits. 

6-Choose the Right Size 

It might be your style to flaunt big chunky silver jewelry, but this type of style does not look good on every occasion. Silver jewelry usually comes in several sizes. For example, large-sized silver necklaces look great in social situations. However, these large pieces of jewelry are not suitable for official situations. You must choose the size of the silver jewelry according to the occasion.  

7- Always Choose Sterling Silver 

Whenever wearing silver jewelry, always opt for sterling silver jewelry. The sterling silver is made from an alloy of 92.5% silver and is hypoallergenic to the skin. So, you wear the sterling silver keyword all day without worrying about leaving marks on the skin. Moreover, always buy sterling silver jewellery online from a reputable jeweler store, so you are assured of getting only the best quality pieces. The jewelers can also provide sterling silver jewelry at an affordable price. 

The Bottom Line 

Accessorizing our day-to-day outfit with jewelry is a common way to enhance its look. The Sterling Silver evil eye bracelet is one of women's most stylish jewelry choices. It is a timeless classic beauty that looks good on any occasion. However, when it comes to matching silver with an outfit, there are some important things that you should keep in mind. For example, choosing the right colors of outfits and switching up different jewelry pieces on different occasions are ways to ensure elegance. Moreover, we should avoid overdoing jewelry as layers of jewelry do not look good.